No minimum wage for female professional cyclists, less prize money, fewer races at every level, podium girls, abuse by coaches, no Tour de France; cycling can be seen as a male dominated sport.

The big organisations responsible for the development of cycling have frequently been hit by scandal and are slow to change,
but change is happening.

Those who want to see equal representation, opportunity, and involvement can help speed up change.

From providing Breeze Champions through to supporting a range of rides for all ability levels, we try to make cycling accessible and welcoming so aspiring cyclists can join the club to develop in a supportive environment, rather than feeling they have to improve to get to ‘club level’.

We try to make a difference, reaching for a goal of women making up 50% of the cycling and racing population and having equal chance to excel if they choose.

With women already comprising over a third of the club, and a second consecutive lady-chair, we aim to be on Bike50:50’s ‘Good List’.